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World Map Magnetic Lamp

$49.99 $53
  • Description:
  • HIGH TECH: The base contains a microprocessor and an electronic control unit for the earth of the sphere, and the magnet on the earth contains an electromagnet and a magnetic field sensor. Once you make the earth float, just blow it gently and it will spin.
  • POPULAR: This cool decoration provides a beautiful display unit for your retail stores, offices and homes. It's a fantastic high-tech device that all ages will love. It is also a great gift that will surprise your guests and friends.
  • EXHIBITION AND DISPLAY: Widely used in advertising, kids learning and learning, teaching new toys, home, office and desktop device decoration, business gifts, art and technology GIF, creative Birthday gifts and Christmas gifts.
  • DESIGN: C shape (H * W): 6.81 inches x 7.09 inches, There are three colors of the optional globe, blue, black, gold, with colorful LED lights to make the globe look more beautiful at night.
  • Create a good atmosphere: When you work, chat, talk about cooperation, give you nice feeling.

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