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Press Ginger crusher

$23.99 $29
  • Description:
  • Fast and Effective★ for people who have limited time in kitchen, it's a lot easier to use a press to crush garlic right into your salad bowl or frying pan.Plastic garlic press crusher masher home kitchen slicer squeezer cleaning tool.
  • Sharp and Safety★Effortless to Operate it adopts a special leverage mechanism that requires the minimum efforts to operate, even suitable for people with weak hand strength.Garlic press made by zinc alloy ,Light and strong.
  • Material:Plastic&Stainless Steel★ Crushes finely and evenly,with a grid of small holes, it is designed to make fine and even garlic paste which will add well distributed garlic flavor to any dish.
  • Garlic Press Dishwasher Safe★ it's dishwater safe and the sieve component can be swung up for easy cleaning under running water.Home kitchen garlic press crusher squeezer / ginger garlic grinding grater planer slicer cutter for professional restaurant hotel home kitchen

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