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Handheld K Tomato Slicer

$23.99 $27
  • Description:
  • Tomato/Lemon slicer, Set of 2 round hand-held slicer tool, Unique germany design makes slicing fruits and vegetables more quickly and easily
  • Material: Made of high-quality food grade stainless steel with mirror polishing surface, durable, ergonomic design.
  • Function & Merit : Easy to hold, protects fingers against injuries. Conveniently designed slicing aid, perfect tool for any task in the kitchen.Can
  • be used for cutting tomato, potato, lemon, other round fruits and vegetables onion, citrus, oranges and limes. It also can be uesd as a food tong for salads, tarts, fruits, desserts and hot food with this one simple tool.
  • With this small and simple tool, not only you can enjoy your all variety of fruit, but also can save a lot time to make more delicious food.

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